DIY Cane Plant Basket

DIY Cane Plant Basket

Super easy and inexpensive way to add texture to all the plant pots that are taking over the house.



-1 terracotta/plastic pot (this will actually hold the plant/dirt, I like to make my basket a little bigger than the size of the pot to account for a pot tray)

-2 embroidery hoops (big enough to fit over your desired pot, don't forget there will be two hoop layers and a sheet of cane when picking out your hoop size)

-Sheet of cane webbing (I used a smaller open weave pattern)


-Superglue (optional)



First, cut the metal pieces off the two outer hoops (these will be used as the inside hoops). You may have to go back a trim a little more off to make sure they fit nicely inside the solid hoop.

Measure the height of pot and the cut the cane sheet the same width

I just quickly wrapped the cane around the solid hoop to get a quick and rough circumference measurement

So during my first attempt at making this, I didn't use any glue or clothespins. If you don't have any on hand, no worries- it can be done without. The clothespins just help holding the cane in place.

I put a dot of glue on the inside of the solid hoop, placed the cane on it, and then held it down for a few minutes with clothespins. Then slowly worked my away around the hoop.

Oh yeah! So I got worried the glue was going to stick to the clothespins, I put a little piece of wax paper between the clothespin and cane.

After the cane is attached to the interior surfaces of the solid hoop, I added the cut hoop to the inside. Now this takes patience, slowly work both hoops to the edge of the cane (making sure everything remains level and even). I did two hoops on the top, then repeated everything for the bottom.

I did play around a little with hot glue and tested out adding a line of glue along the seam, it added a little more stability to the overall pot, but didn't do much for looks. 

Remember, the edges don't have to look perfect. You're big and beautiful plant will hang over the sides 🤞.

I hope you enjoy! I would love to see how you put your own personal spin on this! Be sure to take a picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag @thehomeplantcompany ❤️